MAME Plus + 6000 Roms + Extras Deluxe

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MAME Plus + 6000 Roms + Extras Deluxe
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18.61 GiB (19979288540 Bytes)
2008-02-04 10:17:02 GMT
spatorrent Trusted

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Pack MAME Plus + 6000 Roms + Extras Deluxe 


As most people have already said, this is the most amazing and complete set of ROMs and emulator (with add-ons) that I have ever seen since I started playing MAME 15 years ago.

It's got everything, and plays straight out. Just fire up the emulator (mamepgui.exe) and start playing.

Due to several ppl commenting about some scary "password stealing virus", I've checked the whole folder with NOD32 and it reported nothing. Either these folks are using crappy AV software or the uploader must have fixed the torrent.

Also, there's no password required to open and extract from the .rar file.

People who are complaining about various things, you should get a hold of yourselves. This is someone's work (Nicola Salmoria, and the MAME team) which is being offered for free, and the torrent itself is a generous and well-made offering from someone else who took the time to make this amazing compilation. There should be more thanks than complaints in the comments section.

If you are unhappy about something in this torrent, just go away and find the roms elsewhere on your own.
@wmoecke Are you retarded?

Are you retarded? Are you fucking retarded?

"which is being offered for free, "
How does that exempt anybody from integrity?

"If you are unhappy about something in this torrent, just go away and find the roms elsewhere on your own. "
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Shut. The fuck up. You self-righteous little pissant. Go play yes-man to a brick wall. People are entitled to give criticism. YOU can go away, elsewhere, on your own, you prepubescent child.
Don't make a torrent that's just a RAR. You can set up folders as torrents nowadays with multiple files in them. Like you did with those spammy weblinks you stuck in there.
None of the games that have .CHD files are working, the .CHD files seem to be missing actually. Would love to play the old laser disc games on here. Help anyone?
18+ Gigs and no CHD files! Really sad.
I undestand that with so many roms some kind of archiving is unavoidable, but I can't undestand guy who thought creating one giant (18,6GB) .rar archive is a good idea.
TY Spa!
Virus contained in the archive. The ROMS are ok, but make sure you remove the virii before using any of them just in case.

Category: Password Stealer

Description: This program is dangerous and captures user passwords.

Recommended action: Permit this detected item only if you trust the program or the software publisher.

file:S:MAME Plus + 6000 Roms + Extras Deluxe []mamep.exe
damn this is still up here, i dl'd this shit in like 09 and its still being dl'd, so good i have to get this back
Wow, you're an asshole

I agree, I love this shit. It's awesome that years later it's still active. Sorry that guy was so mean to you.

Thank you so much :)
I'm loving this emulator.
Yes, this mamep.exe is a MALWARE. My Avast did't find something but I upload mamep.exe to VirusTotal and it was a MALWARE for 29 to 54 antiviruses. This version of mame is 0, 122, 1, 0 (same for mamep.exe) Cleaned versions are:
0, 136, 1, 0
0, 135, 2, 0
0, 123, 1, 0
0, 119, 0, 0
I will download the latest, install it without removing the roms from spatorrent's torrent and I'll tell you if it works, if it's compatible